About Knowledge Week

State of Mind: Knowledge Week is a celebration of ideas, thinking and learning, and the first step in a campaign to change the way Western Australia sees itself.

This inaugural Knowledge Week is a collection of events and activities that draw attention to ideas, thinking and learning in the new State Buildings in the Cathedral Square Precinct, including the City of Perth Library. Our event line-up celebrates new futures in education, digital learning, science, technology, gaming and robotics. The opportunities for next-generation innovators and learners are as exciting as they are limitless.

During Knowledge Week, the historic State Buildings quarter will become the centre of innovation and activity for Perth’s community of innovators and thought leaders.

This is the first Knowledge Week, and we hope to use the opportunity to build a strong foundation for future success.

The purpose of Knowledge Week is the promotion of:

  • Western Australia making its transition to a knowledge economy: our expertise in cutting-edge mining technology and software, technology-driven agriculture, medical research and new frontiers in medicine, radio astronomy, biodiversity and marine science
  • Learning, reading, literacy, numeracy and the importance of education to civic life and our economic future
  • Exciting new frontiers in knowledge, particularly in STEM: cognitive computing, robotics and drones, internet of everything, automation, nanotechnology and new materials
  • Perth as an education city – one that is vibrant, curious, confident and connected to the world beyond, and home to hundreds of thousands of international students